Rinne no Lagrange – 22

La Garite launches a massive, coordinated sneak attack against De Metrio forces in orbit of Earth and in Polyhedron. A De Metrio ship crash lands not far from Pharos. Villagiulio heads out in his Ovid Arvirium to seek answers from Dizelmine, who goes out in his Magoltul with a half-dozen escorts. The odds are evened when Kirius, Izo, and Array back Giuvi take on the escorts, leaving the two kings alone. Dizelmine initiates a form change and head into the atmosphere to battle, and are briefly stopped by the Jersey Club, but Dizelmine ends up killing Villagiulio. His Vox turns dark and opens the portal to Rin-ne. Madoka, Lan, and Muginami are pulled in with him.

That something big on the horizon? It’s here in full force, and it’s not dicking around. Whatever Moid did, he did it good, because Dizelmine completely loses it this week, even having an evil laughing fit after smashing Villagiulio’s cockpit, much to the horror of Muginami, Madoka, and Lan. So much for never battling in their Voxes ever again! Unlike past times, Lan no longer even attempts to take her brothers side – it’s an untakable side – and the girls end up right in the middle of a new and terrifying world that Asteria warns could destroy Earth and the entire universe as they know it.

Getting back to Dizelmine, it’s clear a past betrayal by Villagiulio – something he had forgiven him for before – was brought back to the surface, and his indignation was amplified exponentially. It’s no coincidence that Moid meeting with Dizelmine preceeded this attack. We gather that Moid is interested in reforming the universe, and fully utilizing Rin-ne – something not done for 20,000 years – is a good way to do that. It’s up to the Jersey Club to stop him. It’s a good thing they brought lunches.

Rating: 9 (Superior)

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse – 11

The test flights are ordered to standby as command determines the next course of action. Ultimately, Lt. Sendak orders a total evacuation of the base and a retreat of all forces, with Zhar battalion covering them. This means abandoning all equipment, including the Japanese Type 99 Cannon. Realizing this was the Soviets’ plan all along, Dahl sents a coded message to the XFJ team. Vincent informs Takamura, who heads to the cannon after getting the slip from her escort team, but its self-destruct program has been sabotaged. She and a corporal who stayed behind prepare to blow it up manually. Vincent informs Yuuya that Yui is still at the base, with Beta hordes knocking on its door.

The political chess game continues, as the underground Beta offensive is merely an excuse to abandon the base so the Soviets can get their hands on the Type 99, or so it seems. The Beta are using the same tunnels they dug in an earlier offensive,  never filled in by the Soviets, so there’s no vibrations warning of their numbers. Suffice it to say, there are enough coming. Outside of the base and lucky enough to bump into Vincent, Takamura is able to get to the cannon. And so the weapon she slaved over – that could potentially save humanity – has to be blown up so it won’t fall into Soviet hands. Sounds like a raw deal to us, but never underestimate mankind’s capacity for, well, self-destruction.

What we don’t get is why Takamura and straggler Corporal Yamamoto are laboring to blow the cannon up…won’t the Beta do that for them? Considering what’s been going on globally – the Beta are invading human territories and holding them, destroying everyone and everything in sight. It seems unlikely the Soviets would be able to ensure the Type 99 isn’t damaged beyond recognition by the Beta before if they’re even able to clear them out. Still, better safe than sorry, and in Takamura’s own words, her people don’t always act on reason alone. This is a matter of pride: they know what the Soviets are up to and they won’t let them get away with it…even if it means Princess Yui risks having her body puréed by Beta. So…will Yuuya disobey orders and go save her?

Rating: 6