Kokoro Connect – 06

Three weeks after the body-swapping ceased, the group is focusing on club activities, but they start acting strangely: Inaba makes a move on Taichi; Yui smashes a table and beats up guys; and both Taichi and Iori are unconsciously drawn to one another. They get answers for their behavior when Heartseed pays them a visit: he has unleashed their deepest desires, to the point where their usual self-restraint cannot prevent their bodies and voices from doing whatever their minds want deep down. They agree to stick together and play it by ear, and under the circumstances, Iori and Taichi agree to maintain their distance.

As it turns out, Kokoro Connect isn’t just going to be about body-swapping. That arc got better and better, we like how the godlike being Heartseed is now imposing a new behavioral experiment on the unwitting StuCS, one that further explores their personalities. As a result of “unleashing their deepest desires”, they all start acting like amplified versions of themselves. Inaba’s hidden feelings, Yui’s fiery temper, Aoki’s white knight complex, and Taichi and Iori’s budding romance – all of them come to the surface. We like how gradual this was: starting as a mystery before Heartseed steps in and lays it all out – we also like how the atmosphere of the scence changes whenever he’s around, like his aura is a pall over their lives.

Most interesting is how realistically and rationally Taichi and Iori deal with their new situation vis-a-vis their feelings for one another. Moving too fast could jeopardize their relationship before it can get started, and right now, they’re not sure they can control themselves if left alone together too long. As a result, they limit contact to phone conversations. We must say, other than Hazuki and Rokka, this is probably our favorite couple of the season. They’ve certainly faced some odd challenges, but so far they have the fortitude to brave the storms and stay true to one another. Iori’s anticipation of learning more about her true self through this phenomenon is also an intriguing prospect.

Rating: 8 (Great)