Introducing RABUJOI Ratings Version 2.0

Things are going to get a lot more colorful around here…and a lot less pastel! After just about two years of the 1-4 rating system, we feel like shaking things up. This isn’t just a random whim, either. There’s a method to the colors, children.

As you can see from The Big Board, we don’t stick with shows that are consistently average or below average. In fact, most of what we watch hovers around 3.5, which we’ve called “standout.” But how can an episode be a standout if the episodes that proceeded and followed it also stood out? We needed more variation. And so this is what we came up with: a new 1-10 system, inspired by – but not identical to – the MyAnimeList scale.

Now there are four ratings for “bad or worse” episodes (1-4) and five ratings for “good or better” episodes (6-10), with average (5) in the middle. Now we’ll be able to make a finer distinction between a 3 and a 3.5, and a 3.5 and a 4. Also, no more .5s! All round numbers. Here’s the new breakdown:

10 = Masterpiece

9 = Superior

8 = Great

7 = Very Good

6 = Good

5 = Average

4 = Fair

3 = Bad

2 = Awful

1 = Debacle

We’ll be rating episodes on this scale from now on, but we’ll also be gradually, retroactively rating all Summer 2012 episodes and Spring 2012 carryovers, as time allows. We won’t go further back than that, but we’ll keep the old rating guide on the Ratings page for older reviews. It’s a big change, but it’s for the best, as it will mean more varied and accurate rating of episodes. Happy watching, and happy reading!