Tari Tari – 06

Wakana catches a cold and misses the first days of school. Konatsu visits with cake and they talk about promises made to dead relatives. Wakana stops by Sawa’s to pick up a copy of her mother’s class, along with a tape of her singing. Sawa lets Wakana ride Sabure, mentioning the rift with her father. Wakana returns home and her father has prepared a feast for his anniversary/her birthday. She asks him why they never told her she was sick. Her mother didn’t want them to fulfill their promise by writing a sad song. Her dad gives her unfinished sheet music so she can finish the song her mom started.

At long last, Wakana seems to have dealt with her guilt and grief over her mother’s passing, and is willing to stop punishing herself and return to the world of music her mother instilled so deeply in her. This is an All-Wakana episode in which she gets perspectives from Konatsu and Sawa and finally wrings the truth out of her father, who basically says her mom didn’t want her daughter feeling sorry for her, or to write a song that would be a goodbye to her. Her mom’s decision still caused Wakana pain, but kept their promise alive. Now Wakana has her mother’s unfinished song, and can complete it with hope and love rather than despair.

Tari Tari has benefited by having the focus on Wakana these last couple episodes; she’s now the most developed and interesting among the cast of five, and with this weight lifted from her shoulders. With her major personal conflict essentially resolved, we suspect the series will do another group episode or to before moving on to another character. Sawa in particular shows promise, with goals that don’t jive with her father. But the others have their work cut out for them after this very moving Wakana arc.

Rating: 8 (Great)

Rinne no Lagrange – 17

Madoka, Lan, and Muginami remain aboard Dizelmine’s flagship, the Vishwak. Madoka wants to meet with Yurikano as soon as possible, and after a feast in their honor, Dizelmine allows Madoka access to her. He has her strapped to a chair with plans to transfer her mind into Yurikano’s body, giving him a weapon with which to destroy De Metrio. When Lan gets the news, she pretends to go along with it and has Muginami detained. However, she makes a longwinded fleetwide broadcast that distracts Muginami long enough to reach Madoka…but it’s too late.

One thing’s for sure about the three Vox girls: they’re no fools. When Madoka is away a suspiciously long time and her brother’s attendent tells her where she is, Lan thinks on her feet and “betrays” Muginami in order to gain trust and access to communications from which to distract the entire crew of the ship (her rambling speech is quite exquisite). The attendant believes she’s merely fulfilling her duty as a loyal lil’ sister, and for a split-second, so did we (her ruse was impeccably acted). But Lan and Muginami know each other better than we thought, and they’re on the same wavelength.

Madoka, meanwhile, probably knows she’s taking a risk trusting Dizelmine and communicating with Yurikano telepathically, but can’t pass up what could be her only chance to talk to her planet-crushing counterpart. The Yurikano buried deep within, for her part, has decided to ignore everyone else’s schemes and aims to close the entrance to Rin-ne to eliminate the threat of another Militia Zodia, sacrificing herself in the deal. Madoka’s vociferous objection is true to her fiery character (though we wished their brawl would go on a bit longer). As for the body-swapping, here’s hoping it provides both laughs and substance next week.

Rating: 8 (Great)