Tari Tari – 04

When she realizes the old men who acccompanied her audition are a famous band called the Condor Queens, Konatsu gives up her stage slot to them. They park their RV on Sawa’s property and make themselves at home. One of the members chases down Wakana because they knew her mother, who helped write their big hit. When Konatsu suggests the club skip practice to hear the Queens rehearse, Sawa snaps at Konatsu, doubting whether she’s taking the choir club seriously. The Queens tell Konatsu to ‘find her own stage’, and she secures a venue outside a flower shop. The club practices hard and performs for a small but engaged group. That evening, one of the Queens gives Wakana a letter her from her mother.

So, just so we’re clear on this: Wakana’s riding her bike and just happens to encounter a man who was friends with her mother, and a member of the band that just happens to be at the cafe where Konatsu, Sawa and Taichi are auditioning; the band Konatsu and her grandfather just happened to listen and dance to. What a carnival of coincidences! Frankly, we’re not quite sure why there had to be so many. It didn’t ruin the episode, it kinda made us scratch our heads a little: couldn’t Wakana have come upon someone who knew her mother a little more naturally, in a way that didn’t conveniently involve everyone else?

Coincidence aside, the band of old men play the role of three sages/mentors, providing advice both to Konatsu, whose excitement over meeting them causes her to neglect the choir club, which irks Sawa. We’ve mentioned Sawa’s dedication to going along with Konatsu’s ventures and helping in any way she can, but once Konatsu starts to goof off, Sawa rightly lets her have it, getting her eye back on the ball. As for Wakana, she’s told by the band who knew and loved her mom flat out: you can’t just give up on music; it’s a “constant companion”, right down to her heartbeat. The episode doesn’t let on what her mother wrote, but her demeanor on the beach at sunset suggested longing.

Rating: 6 (Good)

Car Cameo:
The foreign Condor Queens are living out of an equally foreign early 2000’s-era Fiat Ducato motorhome.

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  1. Any Car Cameos? I ‘m wondering the name of the campervan owned by condor queens.

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