Kokoro Connect – 03

While on cleanup duty, Inaba warns Taichi not to take their predicament lightly; it could end up destroying them. She wants him to make a move on Iori before she breaks from the strain of the swapping. Aoki and Taichi are caught taking video of themselves when in Inaba and Yui’s bodies. Aoki notices that Yui shakes when around men, and Yui flees the clubroom. When Yui and Taichi swap, they meet in a park, where Taichi insists on helping her get over her androphobia, giving her a painful practical lesson in how to defend herself against men, which seems to do the trick. The next day, she’s more friendly with Taichi, but Inaba suddenly faints in the middle of a sentence.

The five members of the CRC are all handling their plight in different ways, according to their personalities and worldviews. Aoki sees this as a chance to get to know Yui better (though he learns this week not to go too far when Inaba threatens to streak as him). Yui clearly doesn’t like the situation, and tried in vain to use force on Heartseed. Inaba is pessimisstic about coming out of the ordeal unscathed. Taichi, while not overjoyed, seems more willing to look on the bright side and make the most of it, where appropriate. For instance, there’s no better way to explain to a girl in a boy’s body how to defend herself than by..kicking her in the balls. Yui gets the message loud and clear, and appreciates Taichi hurting himself to help her.

We could call this a miraculous turnaround considering she’d been androphobic since middle school…but let’s not forget body-swapping is pretty damned miraculous too, and it looks like it flipped a switch in Yui. That brings us to Iori. She was totally absent from this episode, save for two brief scenes: one in which she’s assenting to something her mother recommends (we don’t know what or where), and one in which she, Aoki and Inaba hear the tail end of Yui’s new, more touchy-feeling morning greeting. It isn’t explained why she was on the sidelines, but Inaba believes she’s the weakest link in the CRC. And just when Inaba was about to concede that some good came out of the swapping, she seems to swap, then faint. A cliffhanger, eh?

Rating: 8 (Great)