Tari Tari – 03

After their first recital, most of the Choir Club quits, and with only Konatsu, Sawa and Wakana remaining, they no longer meet the minimum five for a club, and the vice principal eliminates both their club and Taichi’s Badminton Club; he’s only able to recruit Wien. After a quick 3-on-2 badminton game that Konatsu’s side wins, she decides to form a new club combining choir and badminton, which the principal signs off on. At an impromptu audition for an upcoming market music festival, Konatsu, Sawa and Taichi are suddenly accompanied by Spanish mucicians, one of whom is very interested in Wakana.

Just as quickly as Konatsu’s Choir Club was established, in the opening minutes of this episode, she’s back at square one. Still, the five main characters join forces in the end to create the unorthodox but not illegitimate Choir and Sometimes Badminton Club, and much to the chagrin of the now incredibly stuck-up vice principal, the principal gives it his blessing. We learn why he’s interested in Wakana: he taught her mother, who was apparently a musical revelation. Wakana, meanwhile, continues to let herself be pushed and pulled around, while remaining unsure what she should be doing.

This series continues to portray foreigners with a bit of a heavy hand for comedic purposes (see: Wien feeding squirrels and getting excited by a net birdie; the Spanish-speaking guy coming on too strong to Wakana) but also adds some flavor to the proceedings (the sudden musical outburst by the Spanish guy’s musical friends) and more sublte details (Wien not saying “excuse me” when entering Taichi’s home). We’ve also noticed a trend of a few moments of a character’s childhood taking up the first moments of the episode; this week it was Taichi being bullied, then defended by his tomboyish older sister. We’ll see where these go.

Rating: 7 (Very Good)