Hyouka – 11.5

Oreki’s sister returns home, and persuades him to be a lifeguard for the public pool for the day. When Satoshi calls asking for a book back and hear’s of Oreki’s intention to work, he hurries to the pool, Mayaka and Chitanda in tow. The three have fun while Oreki lifeguards. Chitanda believes a woman may have lost her earring. They all look for it, but Oreki learns that it wasn’t an earring Chitanda saw, but ice cream from the woman’s kid.

In this mid-series ‘special episode’ (hence no official rating), the Classics Club heads to the pool! Why a pool, you say? Well, for one thing, it’s summer, and for another, Chitanda and Mayaka haven’t appeared in swimsuits yet (though they’re not wearing much in the ED either). All the events of this episode could have been summed up as “Oreki takes a long nap at home” if only he’d defied his older sister. But for some reason, he can’t say no…just like he can’t say no to Chitanda.

We’re not saying there’s a definite connection between those two women; and while the episode never shows her face, perhaps the fact is Oreki just can’t say no to a pretty face. We liked how Oreki’s lack of motivation irked Mayaka and Satoshi to the point they called him out on it, which in turn led to him taking the “white ear case” seriously and arriving at a conclusion that satisfies and impresses all (especially Chitanda). We also like the possibility Satoshi used Oreki’s working at the pool as an excuse to slack off.

(No Rating)