Kokoro Connect – 01 (Pre-air)

A motley crew of five students with disparate interests form the vague “Cultural Research Club” (CRC), and find themselves suddenly beginning to switch one another’s bodies. (This was an 11-minute pre-air preview).

Our first taste of Summer 2012 season was a little underwhelming. With so many school club-related series under our belts, repetition is unfortunate but inevitable. Here we have Hyouka-like setting (only not quite as pretty or detailed) involving five relatively normal students. Like Hyouka (and Sket Dance…and Dusk Maiden) they’re in an unusual club.

Like Natsuiro Kiseki, something strange and supernatural is starting to happen, involving their changing bodies. That’s about all we know. There were also a couple boob gags and talk of erotic newspaper articles. We’ll withhold final judgement until after we’ve watched the first episode in full, but nothing novel jumped out at us here.

Rating: 4 (Fair)