Sket Dance – 61

In the first part, the Sket-dan observes Roman tutor her protege Fumi at the manga club. Roman had a one-shot published and is currently storyboarding her second piece. After reading Fumi’s manga, the Sket-dan is weary of Fumi’s chances, but she ends up winning the contest. In the second part, the Sket-dan are doing impressions of student council members, attracting Tsubaki, who lost his contacts and can’t see properly. They run with the misunderstanding and mess with him, and end up having to sit through a council meeting, impersonating the other officers.

We have no idea when Sket Dance will be wrapping up, but if it’s soon, we’re glad they stuck in one more Saotome Roman segment. She can get a little rote, but when utilized properly, her Suzumiya-style control over time and space is something to beheld. This segment plays her relatively straight, laying out her goals and motivations succinctly, then demonstrating that while her art style leaves much to the imagination, she’s a naturally gifted teacher, and her storytelling, while unorthodox, is anything but boring. As is typical during the readthroughs of manga involving Roman, we were laughing almost the whole time, not just at the absurdity, but the reactions of Bossun and Himeko.

While not as good, the second half was a good demonstration of how a practical joke can bite you in the ass if you don’t end it soon enough. When Tsubaki told them getting teased over his glasses netted him a complex about wearing them: that was the time to stop, but they didn’t, and ended up having to maintain their impressions far longer than they bargained for. To their credit, the impressons are pretty funny, as is the whole situation of dealing with someone who believes three people are four other people as his vision slowly improves. As for the circumstances that occupied the real council – the principal just felt like gushing about his grandchild – was amsuingly innocuous.

Rating: 3