Nazo no Kanojo X – 09

When Urabe comes to school with horrible bed-head, she styles it with hair bands. Everyone at school instantly notices the change, and they like what they see. Tsubaki doesn’t like all the attention she’s getting from the boys, so asks her not to do it. She has him muss up her hair, which feels good. Tsubaki is initially upset that photos of his girlfriend are circulating, but lets it go, fearing he’s being too possessive. The boys start to agree she bares a close resemblance to a pop idol; Tsubaki buys her photo collection to confirm it. Urabe finds out and destroys it.

Possessiveness between lovers in moderation is a normal, harmless thing, but it can be insidious, and before you know it, you’re trying to control every aspect of your lover’s life, because in your mind he/she belongs to you, and vice-versa. Tsubaki actually gets a whiff of this in his own feelings of anger towards his classmates, now that they’ve seen Urabe’s face and even end up buying and selling it as a product. It becomes a choice of whether he wants to put his foot down (which will result in everyone knowing he’s dating her), or keep quiet and “share” her with them through the photos. He rightly decides stopping them isn’t worth it. Not that the school finding out about them would be the end of the world; but he’d end up losing even more of his cherished privacy if he told them; the opposite of what he wants. For her part Urabe prefers having her hair mussed by Tsubaki to being styled by Oka.

But the door of possessiveness swings both ways. Is it harmless for Tsubaki to have a book full of pictures of an idol who happens to look like Urabe? Well, is it harmless for Tsubaki’s classmates to buy candid photos of Urabe? The answer is, neither is harmless to the other. But Urabe had no hand in having pics taken of her, nor does she have pics of a boy who looks like Tsubaki, so she’s pretty justified in destroying the book with her panty scissors (if a bit rash; it cost $38!). We’ll just say also that we’re glad Urabe and Imai Momoka aren’t the same person (i.e., she’s not secretly an idol; the boob sizes seem to rule that out). That sudden bombshell would be out of place in an otherwise subtle and down-to-earth show. On that note, Urabe sleeps in the nude. Of course she does.

Rating: 9 (Superior)

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