Sket Dance – 59

Daisey is harassed by delinquents from Tachi High, but when both Bossun and later Tsubaki offer to help her, she refuses it, not wanting to trouble anyone. She accepts an invitation to meet the gang’s leader, one Yabuka, who wants to make her his woman (he has others). He kisses her, gets her contact info, and steals her Munmun strap. Despite Asahina’s insistence he not interfere, Tsubaki confronts the gang – on his own, refusing help from Bossun. He ends up beaten severely until the Sket-dan shows up anyway, in lame disguises. They take out the small fry, leaving him to deliver a devastating fist to Yabuka’s face. Both he and Asahina learn to accept help from friends when they’re in need.

Asahina (Daisey) and Tsubaki are very much alike; both are upstanding members of the student council, but both have large chips on their shoulder and are incredibly stubborn. When offered or given help, they turn their nose up and say “i didn’t ask for help.” Yet Tsubaki, like his brother Bossun, has an innate desire and compulsion to help those in need. Even those who, like Tsubaki, want no such help – like Asahina. But although they wouldn’t care to admit it, it really isn’t possible to survive without help from anybody, ever.

You never who among the huge cast of Sket Dance will get the focus from week to week (unless you watch the previews), but we were very much on board with a Daisey/Tsubaki episode. Daisey is one of the more underutilized side characters, and this week gave her a little more dimension. We also appreciated Tsubaki voluntarily going to his (slightly) older brother for advice, and that Tsubaki took action confidently after Bossun’s advice mirrored his own intentions. His only problem was trying to go it alone; not practicing what he preached to Asahina. Also, the deer mask makes an unlikely but hilarious appearance, and really dug how Himeko remains the most useful Sket-dan member in a fight by quite a large margin.

Rating: 3.5