Sket Dance – 58

In the first part, Bossun tries out Chuu-san’s new invisibility draught, and it works. Chuu tells him it will last “two hours, easy”, so Bossun goes to town to put a scare into Himeko. When the potion starts wearing off prematurely, the nude Bossun starts to become visible from the top down, and Himeko and Switch must improvise to keep him covered up.

In the second part, Bossun tries out a new robotic power/fat suit designed by Switch called “Jubanni”, which responds to commands and learns to anticipate. However, when the suit starts to think for itself, it gains emotions, and almost gets Bossun killed.

In the world of Sket Dance, homeroom teachers can invent revolutionary potions and students can build sophistocated heuristic robosuits. And for good or ill, Bossun plays the guinea pig both times, while Himeko and Switch (and a chibi Roman) observe, snicker, and help out when they can, and care to. But no matter how far-fetched and ridiculous the situations of this show gets, as long as they’re humorous and entertaining, we don’t care.

Both verbal jokes and sight gags come fast and furious. The scenes of Bossun slowly becoming naked in public in particular are full of tension and gut-busting hilarity. Our only beef is that Himeko could have bought him some clothes at the department store, but maybe she was out of cash. We also like Himeko’s reaction when Bossun tells her she’s light as a feather. Compliments…will get you everywhere, m’boy!

Rating: 3.5