Tasogare Otome x Amnesia – 06

As the school festival continues, the legend of a bloodthirsty monster called Akahito spreads through the school like a virus. One Kirishima Yuuko, who just happens to share her name with the famous ghost, is committed to destroying all ghost stories and those who spread them. However, she gets caught by crazed mob who prepare to make her an offering. At Teiichi’s request, his Yuuko takes on the form of Akahito to scare the mob straight, saving Kirishima from harm.

This series is all over the place. It’s tone is consistently inconsistent. That being said, we can still enjoy individual episodes, without trying to make any sense of the series as a whole. Perhaps it’s the creators’ intent to make things as strange and disjointed as possible, or perhaps they’re as clueless as we are about where this is going. Last week was a character study of Kirie, but this week went for full-on horror, complete with some admittedly creepy camera work and some very over-the-top, nightmarish elements, like half the school going totally mad and bloodlustful, Another-style.

Despite some interesting and dark moments, though, this is no Another. Considering this story came out of nowhere and even defied logic by having a new legend show up right in the middle of a student festival that was still going on for some reason, it doesn’t have the lasting power it would have if the series hadn’t been spinning its wheels up to this point. In short: it’s all bark and no bite. And despite the post-credits cliffhanger of the “real” Akahito cornering Kirie in the clock tower, we can’t be certain next week won’t return to lighthearted flirting between Yuuko and Teiichi with horrible comic relief by Okonogi. This show is unpredictable…in a bad way.

Rating: 4 (Fair)

Aquarion Evol – 20

Andy escapes from his cell and begins a futile search for Mix, as Izumo confronts Amata in the Alicia room and tells him about the Curse of Eve. Mikono finds Fudo in a town, and he begins to reveal the truth to her, including the fact he’s 24 millenia old. Yunoha and Zessica are starting to deteriorate, and Shrade unions with them and attacks the Altair command tower. After rescuing Andy and Amata, they form a boy’s union and duel with the new male Mix, now called Mixy. The revelation makes Andy go out of control, but Shrade harnesses his nano black hole to blow a hole through Mixy’s barricades and reopen the gate to Vega.

This is the episode where Amata learns everything we’ve known for a while now about Altair, Mikono is on the cusp of learning the “full truth” (whatever that is at the moment), Yunoha starts swearing like a sailor (which is pretty funny), and Andy learns his one true love is now…a boy (bad luck, mate.) The rescue mission ends without success, and both Zessica and Yunoha are in a pretty bad way; in fact, had they stayed longer they’d probably turn into boys as well – their throats and chests hurt, hinting that they may be growing Adam’s apples, though the previews hint that Zessica’s bust wasn’t reduced any significant amount…

Amata certainly has every right to be angry with Izumo and Altair in general – they’ve been holding his mother all this time, after all. But he can’t look at this as a black-and-white situation; we’re talking about an entire world that’s slowly dying, where most women can’t survive and those that do become men. If you’re thinking about the big picture, Izumo is somewhat justified in doing anything he can to preserve his world. Vega can spare a few women if it means saving a whole other planet from extinction. Only one problem: nothing he’s tried hasn’t worked; all his abductions have been for naught. While he’s within his rights to do something, he needs to make sure what he’s doing will actually work before sacrificing more innocent women.

Rating: 4

Car Cameos:
A Nisssan Murano and Subaru Legacy wagon are among the cars that make up the traffic in the town where Mikono finds Fudo.