Sket Dance – 57

Shinzou borrow’s Bossun’s phone when his runs out of juice, and under Saaya’s insistence, Bossun innocently answers a question posed by one “Pudding-chan”, and gets instantly hooked on her e-mails. In actuality, Himeko is Pudding, having helped Koma respond to an e-mail with her phone after hers was smashed. Pudding and Samurai continue exchanging e-mails, learning more about one another, until they agree to meet. When Bossun and Himeko arrive at the meeting spot, it takes them a long time to realize they are one another’s e-mail pals, much to the curiousity and confusion of Saaya, who is hanging out with her big brother in the vicinity.

It’s true: getting into e-mail exchanges with someone can be extremely addictive, and even two people who have no interest whatsoever in engaging in one – namely Bossun and Himeko – find the experience irresistable once circumstances force them to. And while both you and we both know that Himeko and Bossun will never get into a romantic relationship, no matter how well they usually get along, there are always going to be close calls like this one that accentuate just how ridiculous they both are when it comes to matters of their dating. Romances never work out in Sket Dance…unless you count Switch and Yuuko, which we don’t.

We love how Bossun and Himeko never notice they’re e-mailing each other even when they’re in the same room (Switch thankfully notices, and nudges them into proposing a meeting after saying it’s the norm). We also like just how oblivious they are to the fact that they arranged to meet each other: even with detailed descriptions of their clothes and hair, they look right past one another looking for someone who will never come. There were many instances of Bossun and Himeko yelling that unsettled bystanders, which is always hilarious. They yell like that all the time in their club, and apparently have no qualms about yelling in public, either. They’re just a couple of unapologetically passionate, bombastic people.

Rating: 3.5

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