Sket Dance – 57

Shinzou borrow’s Bossun’s phone when his runs out of juice, and under Saaya’s insistence, Bossun innocently answers a question posed by one “Pudding-chan”, and gets instantly hooked on her e-mails. In actuality, Himeko is Pudding, having helped Koma respond to an e-mail with her phone after hers was smashed. Pudding and Samurai continue exchanging e-mails, learning more about one another, until they agree to meet. When Bossun and Himeko arrive at the meeting spot, it takes them a long time to realize they are one another’s e-mail pals, much to the curiousity and confusion of Saaya, who is hanging out with her big brother in the vicinity.

It’s true: getting into e-mail exchanges with someone can be extremely addictive, and even two people who have no interest whatsoever in engaging in one – namely Bossun and Himeko – find the experience irresistable once circumstances force them to. And while both you and we both know that Himeko and Bossun will never get into a romantic relationship, no matter how well they usually get along, there are always going to be close calls like this one that accentuate just how ridiculous they both are when it comes to matters of their dating. Romances never work out in Sket Dance…unless you count Switch and Yuuko, which we don’t.

We love how Bossun and Himeko never notice they’re e-mailing each other even when they’re in the same room (Switch thankfully notices, and nudges them into proposing a meeting after saying it’s the norm). We also like just how oblivious they are to the fact that they arranged to meet each other: even with detailed descriptions of their clothes and hair, they look right past one another looking for someone who will never come. There were many instances of Bossun and Himeko yelling that unsettled bystanders, which is always hilarious. They yell like that all the time in their club, and apparently have no qualms about yelling in public, either. They’re just a couple of unapologetically passionate, bombastic people.

Rating: 3.5

Accel World – 06

While tag-teaming with Taku, Haru earns enough burst points to move up to Level 2; however, in his excitement, he does so immediately, spending all but eight of his points. Now a sitting duck to an attack, Taku offers to give him some of his points by letting him win, but Haru doesn’t feel right about that, so Taku tells him about Aqua Current, a bodyguard of sorts for linkers with low points. After buying Chiyu ice cream as an apology, Haru seeks Aqua Current out, and is surprised to find she’s a girl. Meanwhile, Kuroyukihime is about to be discharged from the hospital when Taku pays her a visit…

Fool us once, shame on Accel World…fool us twice, shame on us. Sorry, but we’re just not ready to start trusting Taku like nothing ever happened. What he did to Chiyu and Haru was seriously messed up, and there’s one scene this week that suggests he’s not quite done with the treachery. Oh sure, he’s helped Haru train, and even offers to help sacrifice some of his points so Haru isn’t so vulnerable post-leveling-up (in Haru’s stupid mistake of the week). But somehow we doubt his former pals in the Blue Legion are just going to let him off with a slap on the wrist. They “stay his execution”, but likely in exchange for something. Our guess his he’s their mole in Nega Nebulous.

The other question is what he’s doing in Kuroyukihime’s hospital room in the cliffhanger. His body language doesn’t suggrest he’s about to attack her, so it’s odd that she’s the one who yells “Burst Link!” Isn’t she almost out of points too? And what was that Kendo bracket all about? Was Taku forced to withdrawal from the competition? Finally, we’re introduced to a potentially interesting new burst linker in the skinny jeans-donning Aqua Current, who takes numerous steps to protect her identity…only to have Haru trip over them.

Rating: 6 (Good)

Car Cameo:
There’s a Mitsubishi Lancer illegally(?) parked right outside the hospital.

Moretsu Pirates – 19

The Yacht Club begins a thorough cleaning of the Odette II while an exhausted Marika cleans the Bentenmaru on her own. Grunhilde is concerned that her sister Gruier has gotten too close to Marika. While spacing on, Marika loses her father’s ring. When the Bentenmaru crew is discharged and returns to the ship, it is locked down. Grunhilde arrives with the rest of the Yacht Club and the ring, and expertly starts up the ship, impressing the regular crew. When Marika sets the ring down on the desk in her quarters, it reveals the secret recipe to Kato pot-au-feu.

There’s not much to say about this week’s episode. It contained pleasant enough sci-fi slice-of-life, but contained a whole lot of needless worrying on Grunhilde Serenity’s part, had a needless red herring in Marika losing the extremely important ring, and tried to say something about the bond between Marika, her father, and the Serenity sisters, which is a stretch in our opinion. Sure, her dad gave Gruier his ring, but we feel like there was more pragmatism in that then sentimentality. A princess would make a powerful ally for Marika when she came of age and took over from her father.

The ‘bond’ stuff just seemed a little heavy-handed…and we don’t appreciate Gruier shoving huge bags of junk food in front of Marika’s face…is she trying to gorge her into an early grave? What we did like was how Marika was finally portrayed as being worn out and losing her edge as a result. After everything she’s been through, a couple days of sleep and relaxation are a good idea, even though she didn’t really get that. We also like that the Bentenmaru crew is finally out of quarantine and can take their rightful places aboard ship. We have nothing against the Yacht Club, but it’s composed of an awful lot of people, many of whom are extraneous.

Rating: 3