Tasogare Otome x Amnesia – 03

Teiichi recieves a note instructing him to meet in a secluded place to talk about “the girl standing behind him”. It turns out to be Kanoe Kirie, Yuuko’s grand-niece, who believes she’s responsible for the sudden student disappearances. Kirie warns him to stay away from Yuuko before she sucks him into despair with her. After seeing Yuuko the way Kirie sees her – unkemp and with skin like dirt, he dismisses her warnings and professes his faith that she’s a good ghost, and Yuuko returns to normal. He then inspects her remains, and not only finds she had a broken leg, but died quite close to an ancient shrine. Kirie joins the club to help Teiichi and Yuuko, and remains worried about another evil spirit she saw and mistook for Yuuko.

More than previous episodes, this week had a somewhat uneven tone: jumping rapidly from dark and creepy to lighthearted and silly. Teiichi is incredibly embarassed by Yuuko’s nudity one moment, and the next, talks to her as if she’s clothed. Even when Kirie is telling him about Yuuko’s “true evil form”, she points out he sees her as a young, vital, attractive girl because he’s a pervert. That muddled tone reveals a kind of thematic indecision; but at the same time, there’s something to be said for a series dealing with corpses and ghosts not taking itself too seriously, nor making a mockery of the genre.

Yuuko isn’t just some annoying girl flirting with and hanging off of Teiichi; he is the only person who sees her as she sees himself; and the first one she can talk to (Kirie can also interact with her, but prefers not to). Thus it’s understandable she doesn’t want to lose him. Kirie’s influence almost does just that, but something in Teiichi refuses to condemn Yuuko. Kirie simply has the wrong ghost; Yuuko is (mostly) harmless and just wants companionship, and for the details of her death to be unearthed. There’s certainly the potential for her to become something more dangerous, but Teiichi won’t let that happen.

Rating: 5 (Average)