Introducing Car Cameos

We here at RABUJOI are a bit mad…we don’t just love our anime, we love our cars too. And aside from Initial D (which we’ve sadly never gotten around to watching), and other series where the cars are the focus, the majority of anime have treated cars merely as props or part of the background.

Well, it’s a great time for anime fans who also happens to be able to identify the year, make, and model of any vehicle they come across. Thanks to the now-widespread use of accurate CGI vehicle models, specific makes and models are appearing all over series in which cars play no sizable role. Cars are rarely hand-drawn anymore (it’s more expensive), which means they’re no longer made-up. They’re real.

For most of 2012, whenever we spot one (or more) of these “Car Cameos” in an episode, we make a note of it in our review. In less than three months, we’ve amassed quite a collection. It’s a nice cross-section of the Japanese automotive landscape with Toyota dominating, followed by Nissan. Curiously, we’ve yet to spot any Hondas, but we have seen a fair number of foreign (i.e. non-Japanese) models.

We’re pretty sure we’re the only anime blog that does this, because truthfully, who else would bother? In any case, you can now access our “Garage” of Car Cameos by clicking the tab up top, or here. We’ll be watching to see if any of the cars we’ve owned (all Hondas, incidentally) ever appear in future episodes.