Aquarion Evol – 15

Moments after everyone awakens from their rite of passage, Kagura appears to snatch up Mikono. He casts Donar away like a ragdoll and is able to reverse everyone else’s powers, and even the car Malloy drives to try to get Mikono away. He holes up high in an under-construction skyscraper, where Mikono discovers that the horrible things he’s saying may be the opposite of what he means.

He tells her the story of Apollon and Sylvie, who separated to protect the Tree of Life, and believes the two of them are those legend reborn, 12,000 years later. Zessica tells Amata the same thing, but Amata still goes after Kagura and manages to resist his reversal power with Detachment Wing. Cayenne shoots Kagura, who manages to knock the gun away, but when Amata picks it up Mikono shields him, begging Amata not to shoot. Kagura vanishes in a cloud of flower pedals, presumably teleported away by Mikage.

Despite lasting a scant twenty-two minutes, this episode had a cinematic depth and breadth that drew us in and kept us glued to our seats, and on more than one occasion had us laughing and yelling out loud at the sheer…er…kick-assery of it all. It was absolutely replete with action and emotion, and by the end we actually found ourselves liking Kagura a lot more than we had up to this point. The fact that he’s been saying the reverse of what he means to Mikono all along is pretty dang clever, and when the time comes when Mikono thinks she’s a goner, he doesn’t kill her or eat her like he says he will. This is a guy you need to judge by his actions, not words.

Mikage is convinced he’s Apollon. He’s convinced he’s Apollon. And Mikono is his Sylvie. This is a guy with simple desires. Meanwhile, Amata is just as obsessive in his search for Mikono, much to Zessica’s chagrin. Zessica finally comes out and tells him she was glad when she learned he and Mikono weren’t destined (at least according to Cayenne’s visions), because it would mean she’d have a chance with him. But something tells us letting Mikono and Kagura come together is a very bad idea; world-endingly bad, in fact. So Zessy can keep that flame burning if she likes; but we doubt Amata will give up on Mikono so easily, prophecy or no. I mean, who’s to say he isn’t Apollon?

Rating: 4

Car Cameo: No matter how the rest of the episode turned out, as soon as we saw this Victory Red Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16v Evoluzione II involved in an awesome car chase with Beast-mode Kagura, we were ready to award it a 4 right then and there. Especially when he used his reversal power to put it in reverse. Since Ozma Lee also drove a Delta in Macross Frontier, we assume Shoji Kawamori is a fan of it. And why not? It’s one of the most awesome cars ever to exist. Other cars? A dinky yellow Mitsubishi i drives past Amata and Zessica, who saves him from getting run down by a silver Toyota Prius.

P.S. New ED. Nice enough animation, but not as cool as the old one…and who thought it would be a good idea for Yunoha to sing? Sounds like a chipmunk on helium…otherwise though, it’s a pretty song.