Ozuma – 04

Not long after they find him, Sam flies off again in Fluke Fish to save Maya, but this time Mimei jumps aboard and accompanies him. Bardanos lets him go, and remembers that Sam’s older brother Dick told her the “Goddess of Theseus” could communicate with Ozma before he left, never to return. After Gido reports the successful retrieval of Maya, General Danga orders him back home, but instead, Gido lets Maya decide their course. She wants to go to the zone, and en route they encounter the Bardanos, equipped with Monokeros. An undersand battle ensues, ending with the Bardanos slipping beneath Gido’s ship and ramming her from below. Both Bainos and Gido step out onto the top deck to see their opponent face-to-face.

This week gives us our first glimpse of Dick, Sam’s older brother, who apparently had a thing with Captain Bainos, and then went off to find the goddess, or Ozuma, or both, but never came back. Judging from his hair and voice, we have a pretty good feeling that yes, this Gido fella is indeed actually Dick, having perhaps undergone a similar amnesia/identity change similar to Mu La Flaga in Gundam SEED Destiny. Gido seems to be rebelling against his tight-lipped superiors out of personal ambition. He wants to see firsthand what makes Maya so important and what makes her tick, and he’s willing to risk his military career to make that happen.

Meanwhile, Sam, like his brother, yearns to strike out and save the girl and the world all at once, but at least this week Mimei is there to stop him from getting himself killed. And then we have another superlative, heated naval duel in which Bainos and Gido match wits once again with torpedoes, decoys, sonar, magnetic probes, and depth charges. That they’re able to match each other move for move right up to the point Bainos resorts to a near-suicidal ramming also supports the theory that all of Dick’s instincts and knowledge and even feelings for Bainos may be lurking somewhere under that silly mask. We may be wrong, but we don’t think we are. Someone needs to pry that mask off.

Rating: 3.5

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