Baby, Please Kill Me! – 10

Of Santa, Icicles and Snowmen – a sudden snowfall means snowmen, snowbals, snow sushi, and snow diamonds. But when the next day comes around, Yasuna has a cold. She exacerbates her illness by being to lively and loud and by running around outside more. She then becomes interested in RC toys, but only has a controller, so pretends she is an automaton.

Finally, Sonya gets a note from whom she belives to be another assassin, but it’s just a surprise Christmas party arranged by Yasuna. Yasuna gets Sonya a Yasuna doll as a gift, but with nothing to give back, Sonya must re-gift it to her. The first full week of March seems like an odd time to air a winter and Christmas-themed episode, but it was genial enough.

Rating: 3