Baby, Please Kill Me! – 07

Concerning culture fest, breath-holding, record-breaking, water sampling, starting pistols, jumping pigtails, the useless character, the old man at the bottom of the human pyramid, UFO jitsu, juggling beanbags and knives, organ-grinding, pot-balancing, and the art and challenge of swatting mosquitoes.

On Kill Me Baby, dead horses are rarely beaten, because the comedy jumps from one thing to another so quickly, and never dwells on anything inordinately long. Sometimes the segues between items are a bit forced if not random (including many a bizarre transition card) and serious yet funny narration stabs. This episode’s attention span was as short as Yasuna’s, but it had its share of charming moments.

The way Sonya’s hair reacts to a pistol shot, the way Rie Kugimiya’s red-haired character was dismissed just as soon as she appeared, Yasuna swatting aimlessly at a bug while making soap bubbles with the swatter – all nice details. Sonya even screwed up a few times, failing to kill the mosquito, dropping a dutch oven on her head, and even letting Yasuna score a slap square in her face. Of course, Yasuna paid dearly for it, but we’re just excited she landed a hit at all. Such things are rare.

Rating: 3