Moretsu Pirates 06

Marika is swept away from a relaxing day on the beach to sign all the necessary paperwork to recieve her letter of marque. Once she does, she has less than fifty days until it requires renewal, so she’s taken offworld to start her pirate training immediately. Aboard the Bentenmaru, she gets vigorous training and simulations in all the skills necessary for a captain, as well as little jobs (like laser-mopping). Chiaki joins her as a “propellant.” Marika launches her first raid as captain, taking the luxury liner Apricot Princess, and has to sword-duel with Kane, who infiltrated the ship beforehand. The first mission is a success, but she still has a long way to go.

Now this is what we thought we were getting into from the start. The excitement and glamour of astro-swashbuckling! Don’t get us wrong, the initial arc was very entertaining and a good way to introduce us to this world along with Marika, and it went a long way towards legitimizing Marika’s ability to take command of a ship. This week she blasts through more theoretical and practical training and takes the reins of her ship. Her first raid is a rousing one, and a testament to how good her crew is. Lest we forget, the Bentenmaru was responsible for stalking the Odette II the last couple weeks. These are pros, and it shows. The raid goes off without a hitch.

About that raid: these are vicious bloodthirsty pirates. In fact, since pirates are intentionally so secretive and rare in the Galactic Empire many still belive they’re only a myth, so it’s actually an honor and an event to be boarded and robbed – and insurance takes care of the monetary losses! We also like the element of theatre and stagecraft inherent in this raid: it isn’t by any means a no-nonsense smash-and-grab, oh no. Their victims are rich cultured people who deserve a professional but artistic raid and a good show, and they get a sword fight ended with Marika “killing” Kane with a bullet – just so they know she means business. Pirates are all about reputation. They’ve gotta act the part, ridiculous outfits, swords, hearty guffaws – all of it.

Rating: 4

Sket Dance – 43

Himeko saves a freshman named Kakiuchi Jin from being beaten up by some roughs, and upon first sight of her, he feels like they were destined to be together. To get him off her back, she tells him Bossun is her boyfriend, but Jin makes her prove it by going on a date with him. Himeko is extremely nervous both with asking Bossun out and on the date itself, which ends in her throttling him when they hold hands, giving up the goose.

Ah yes, the inevitable Himeko/Bossun date. These guys don’t see themselves as ever becoming boyfriend and girlfriend, and we don’t either. The idea of either of them “with” someone just doesn’t jibe with what we know of them. Bossun is dense and oblivious, as befits his shounen archetype. Himeko lacks self-confidence and her thoughts won’t stop churning. Which is a shame, because by most standards she’s quite a catch. She and Bossun just like things the way they are. It’s a comfortable existence. Of course, a part of her likes Bossun that way, and vice versa – they’d simply never admit it openly.

That being said, it was fun to watch Himeko squirm as she put on a dog and pony show for her unwanted suitor Jin. It was just two episodes ago Himeko was scolding Daimon for doing the exact same thing she did here: continually doubt herself. A good choice was made in keeping Bosssun unaware of what was actually going down, as he would have surely blown it much earlier. But ultimately, it would have been faster and a lot less stressful if Himeko had just said “thanks but no thanks” to Jin…and if he persisted, let him taste her hockey stick.

Rating: 3.5