Mirai Nikki – 17

The episode begins with a flashback to when Ai met Marco, at the very Sakurami Tower where they find themselves in the present. Both were abandoned by their parents, and for better or worse, stuck like glue all through school. One day, Ai was lured into a trap by her classmates, leading her to get gang-raped in an abandoned warehouse. Marco is too late to help her, but kills the assailants in a rage, and promises never to leave her side.

Back in the present Yuno saves Yukiteru from falling, then uses the fake phone to trick Marco into getting separated from Ai, who gets her throat cut by Yuno. A cave-in of concrete traps Yuno, Yuki and Ai underneath, but Marco comes back to get them out so he and Ai can die in each others’ arms.Yuno and Yuki escape with the only parachute, only to find his father, who escaped with the other parachute, killed his mother.

There’s been some bleak and tragic diary holder stories in Mirai Nikki thus far, but perhaps the most tragic so far is that of Marco and Ai. Their love, which had been something of a novelty used for comic relief in previous episodes, really comes to life this week, now that we have a firm idea where it comes from. Marco has always looked after Ai…always, and the only two times he didn’t, she met with horrible fates. They desired to become gods together, and that’s what they worked towards. Once it was clear either one of them would die, the other was sure to follow. Their sob story really had us sympathizing with their plight.

Unfortunately, they’re not the protagonists, but with their excellent, dramatic death, we’re down another diary holder (only one, since they didn’t count as separate holders). Now Yuki will no doubt have to deal with another wave of trouble from that mother with the freakishly big head. But more importantly, Yuki’s father somehow managed to top the awfulness he displayed last week by abandoning his kid by escaping, then stabbing Yuki’s mom. Yuki’s dream of a reunited family? Poof, gone. Of course, if he becomes a god, perhaps he can turn things around…

Rating: 3.5