Winter Cleaning – A Couple of SS’s Go Kaput

Since our total watchlist has ballooned to fifteen series (sixteen once Black★Rock Shooter comes around) we’ve felt it necessary to trim some fat. First on the chopping block: Inu x Boku SS. We were not impressed with this. We likened it somewhat to Otome Youkai Zakuro, in which both Zakuro and Agemaki were immediately more interesting than the girl and slave-like servant in this. The former couple had decent chemistry that lifted an otherwise average series, this latter one doesn’t.

As for Amagami SS+, the fact the glutton girl’s arc is up next is the perfect opportunity for us to quit cold turkey. We were always more irritate then charmed by both the one-note Rihoko (I eat a lot! Teehee!) and Sae (I’m shy! Teehee!) We may have stuck with such shows in the past a little longer, but with not one or two but three quality sci-fi shows to keep track of, we couldn’t justify keeping these two around.