Baby, Please Kill Me! – 02

Yasuna repeatedly tries to get defense pointers from Sonya so she can counter her attacks in future, culminating in a nunchuk demonstration, followed by nunchuk maki rolls that are stolen by crows. After school they head to a crepe stand in a park, and come face to face with an escaped bear; Yasuna neutralizes it when their heads collide after she falls off a pole. Sonya offers to help recover a girl’s ballon lost in a tree, but fails. She and Sonya then play hide-and-seek and tag with the girl; Sonya is abandoned when it gets too late.

There’s not a huge amount to say about KMB except that it’s not terrible, its comedy is just weird enough to work most of the time, and the naive art style is oddly endearing. We wish Agiri was a little more than one-note, and her voice can grate, but at least her ‘ninjitsus’ are ridiculous and often useless. It’s obvious we can expect episodes to be formed from a handful of skits focusing on various simple ideas – in this case, nunchukus, bears, and balloons. With several series airing this season that feature huge casts and complex storylines, we see this as our weekly respite. Set brains to ‘low’ and enjoy.

Rating: 2.5