Baby, Please Kill Me! – 01

Cheerful, ditzy high schooler Oribe Yasuna’s friend and classmate Sonya is an assassin. This means she’s always on her toes for threats, no matter how small. These threats include bugs and stray dogs, and she also opens bottles with a swipe of her hand. While investigating a ghost sighting in a classroom, Yasuna meets Agiri, a ninja and a member of the organization Sonya works for. Antics ensue.

To be succinct, Baby Please Kill Me (or Kill Me Baby, let’s just call it KMB) is charmingly dumb fun. It’s a bubbly, fairly lazily-paced comedy with little or no serious conflicts, despite the fact one of the characters is a frikkin’ assassin. That’s kind of the whole premise, though whether Sonya actually ever kills anyone is up in the air; she doesn’t this week. This series doesn’t try to make things too complicated, but there were plenty of chuckles to be had.

Stylistically, KMB is simple too. Slightly deformed, childish characters, liberal use of bold primary colors, and some decent texturing mixed in. Fanservice is thankfully nonexistent. The voice actors, none I recognized, do a good job bringing their near-chibi charges to life. A really horrendous, repetitive opening sequence is countered by a really cool, funky ending sequence. While that opening was not the best first impression, the more we watched, the more we liked it.

Rating: 3