Darker than Black Gaiden – 03 OVA

Hei and Yin have been taken to a remote jungle compound where a small group of contractors has gathered for refuge from the human world. Their de facto leader, Amagiri, believes if Yin continues to evolve, she’ll obtain the power to change – or destroy – the world. Some of the contractors ambush Yin in the jungle, injuring him. When he returns to the compound, the rest of the contractors were slaughtered by Claude, who took Yin.

As Yin moves inexorably towards evolution to a higher and more dangerous form of being, we can’t help but feel this episode got a little bogged-down (literally, in the case of its torrential rains, as well as figuratively). The jungle refuge was a pretty neat setting, but it was underused, with most of the running time consisting of Hei and Yin sitting around, or having quiet conversations about things we already knew about. Essentially, Hei and Yin should have taken up Amagiri’s offer to leave while they could.

The thing is, Hei was seemingly immobilized by his own indecision. Yin tells him that he got her evolution started, and it seems to quicken when he’s near – in which case separating himself from her would seem to be prudent. Yet Yin says even that wouldn’t matter, as she’ll never be able to forget him, and his effect on her would remain. Call us crazy, but it sounds like she loves him. Of course, now that Claude has Yin, and injected something to “make her unstable”, killing her may be the only way to save the present world, if they so desire, that is.

Rating: 3