Darker than Black Gaiden – 02 OVA

Hei and Yin are in Hong Kong, and while Hei believes continuing to run is their only course, Yin believes it’s pointless, and they should ambush their pursuers instead. To lure their enemies, Hei puts Yin up for sale. Xiao Jie, an contractor with two huge contractor brothers, is interested in her, but Yin provokes a fight. Hei and Yin split up while the three siblings chase them, but Claude intervenes, using the siblings’ own powers against them. Back in Tokyo, Youko meets Mina, and the two are on their way to catch BK-201.

In the words of Mugatu, Hei and Yin are two Hot Little Potatoes right now, though they’d rather not be. Yin continues to exhibit very un-doll-like qualities, expressing affection for Hei personally as well as suggesting an alternate course of action when she thinks he’s wrong. This episode pretty much follows the same chase-and-battle formula as the first one, with a couple more players.

Rather than just dealing with the Syndicate, they face off with the lovely Xiao Jie and her beefy bros. Her renumeration – shedding her garb bit by bit, makes her a great femme fatale-of-the-week, but the episode wastes no time icing her. Youko and Mina comprise the vanguard of the third party after Hei and Yin – the government. With all these people after them, Hei and Yin likely have no choice but to continue their international odyssey.

Rating: 3.5