Kyousogiga ONA

Armed with a magical giant hammer, a girl named Koto and her two brothers roam ‘Mirror Kyoto’ wreaking havoc. They’re searching for a ‘rabbit’ that will get them home. Their temporary guardian Myoe confers with Yase and Kurama, who together form the Assembly of 3. They believe Koto and their ‘mother’ Lady Koto are one and the same.

“I don’t really get it” says one of Koto’s brothers at the end of this frenetic visual feast. Neither do we, but we were surely entertained. With the Fall 2011 season fizzling out, here’s the first taste of something totally new. Sure there’s plenty of works one can list as inspiration, from FLCL to the upcoming Black Rock Shooter. But as a single, original, 26-minute one-shot, Kyousogiga has a style and energy all its own, combining the retro and the psycho.

The ambiguous ending leaves open the possibility of an anime down the road, but for now we’ll stick to what we saw, and also not worry too much about understanding all of it. Suffice it to say lil’ Koto is a bit of a hellraiser with her ludicrously oversized hammer; her brothers are equally bombastic, and Mirror Kyoto is full of psychadelic…stuff that never stops shimmering. Indeed, the ONA hardly ever stops moving, making the few moments that it does all the more powerful. It was a fun, if brief, ride.

Rating: 3.5