Mirai Nikki – 11

Detective Kurusu wants to become God so he can save hi son You’s life. To that end, he brings Yuki and Yuno in for interrogation, and activates Yuno’s “Protection Mode” to bait her and Yuki into committing a crime. This way he can track them with his investigation diary. Yuki and Yuno escape after shooting several cops and become fugitives. They follow Kurusu’s wife to a hospital where Uryuu is waiting for them, and proposes the three of them form an alliance, using the Fourth’s wife and son as their trump card.

Yuki’s snappy-dressing psychopathic girlfriend proves beyond a doubt that she is his guardian, and it isn’t even her choice. Anytime he’s in danger – real or percieved (and her perception is pretty wide) her eyes go dull and she goes full commando (and no, I’m not referring to the scene where she has to pee in front of Yuki, though when you’re fugitives, that’s the kind of thing you have to do). Kurusu was even able to manipulate her nature in order to get her and Yuki in deep trouble. We really like how utterly crazy Yuno is, but we’re starting to not envy Yuki.

We’re not quite sure why he had to shoot a cop, but we’ll chalk it up to panic, which is never in short supply with the young whelp. As for Uryuu, well, considering what’s going on and what she plans, she provides a surprising amount of levity to the episode, when everyone is bickering at once about who’s betraying whom. This show remains unapologetically ridiculous and over-the-top, but also doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Rating: 3

Bakuman 2 – 12

Miura wants Ashirogi Muto to do a gag manga, and brings a wealth of data to back up his preference. The data entices Takagi, but Mashiro still refuses, angering Miura, who suggests Takagi get a different artist. Takagi walks out, enraged. Eventually Miura apologizes for suggesting the split, but his immense package of gag manga and notes convinces Mashiro that it will be okay to do a gag manga after all. Meanwhile, Aoki struggles with writing Shounen romance when she has no experience, then meets a successful author who’s very much like her.

Every once in a while we find ourselves caring more about the supporting characters, and this was one of those times. Mashiro and Takagi are basically stuck the whole time, either waiting on Miura or butting heads with him. Nothing is getting done, and they remain unserialized. But while we’ve never much liked Miura, we do appreciate that he’s new to editing, and he’s showing signs of improvement. Using data to try to convince his guys was a good idea; his main flaw was letting his own emotions form that roadblock. Also, suggesting best friends to split up? Bush league, dude.

But who really tickled our fancy this week was Aoki Kou. She used to be so stoic and wooden, but we saw a fair amount of her this week, and got inside her head, and it’s not an absolute icebox in there. She lies to a potential future editor about her experience with love, because she’s as unsure about writing that kind of stuff as Takagi is with humor. In both cases, there’s nothing for it but to do it and see. Meeting Aiko, an author she likes, seems to intrigue her. When asked “Why Manga?”, Aoki answers simply because she loves it. Whatever insecurities she harbors, there’s no doubt of that.

Rating: 3

Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam – 09.5

On a quiet day aboard the Silvius, Giselle sits down and writes a letter to her father in Kartoffel, regailing him with everything that’s happened thus far. Millia, who owes so much to Gisey’s father, writes a letter of her own. They both write about how important their friendship with Fam has been throughout all their adventures, and that there’s still more to do.

Oh GONZO…recaps are so 2005. I suppose a clip show had to happen eventually – those sky battles aren’t cheap to produce, after all, and this is the studio’s first major work in a long time. That’s fine; we owe the awesome production values of the last nine episodes in part to this tenth sacrificial pawn. And it wasn’t that bad a recap: it was nice to get some analysis of what’s happened so far from Millia and Gisey.

(No Rating)

Walking in a RABUJOI Wonderland

RABUJOI reviews will be spotty and infrequent during the Christmas season, as spending time with other humans will grudgingly take precedence over watching anime. ;) We apologize for the inconvenience. Normal service will resume eventually, once the proverbial holiday dust settles.