Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – 09

Sena invites Kodaka and Kobato to her house so he can meet her father, who was good friends with his father. He turns out to be very formal and serious most of the time, but is also a lightweight when it comes to drink. Sena terrories Kobato in the bath to the point she runs away, and Kodaka sees Sena naked, but the next morning, pretends he was drunk and didn’t remember. Sena’s father give him his blessing vis-a-vis his daughter.

Ah, meeting the father of the girl you like. Always a potentially awkward situation; and it’s very much that here as well, but Kodaka has a few advantages. First, beause Sena’s dad knows Kodaka’s parents, looking at him reminds him of them, which comforts him. Of course, that make us wonder why Kodaka never met Sena in the past. I guess Sena was the potential childhood friend he never had because his dad was usually pretty distant. Though we like how Kodaka won’t let his dad be called “trash”. “Idiot” is acceptable.

Kodaka’s only real friend ever, it would seem, was lil’ Yozora, whom he thought was a boy. As Kodaka doesn’t see either as a serious love interest as of yet, or indeed even as friends, and he manages to reassure both of them in the end, we’re still pretty much clueless who if anybody he’ll choose. But out of the whole Neighbor’s club harem, Yozora and Sena are the only seriosu and viable contenders. Now he needs to meet Yozora’s dad.

Rating: 3

Persona 4: The Animation – 09

Idol Kujikawa Rise, AKA Risette, is sick of her micromanaged, puppet-like life, and decides to quit and move to Inaba where her family runs a tofu shop. Her press conference appears on local TV, making her the next potential victim of the killer. Yu, Kosuke, Chie, Yukiko and Kanji both warn and keep an eye on her. In the course of their surveillance, they catch a real stalker who most likely isn’t the killer. But when Rise appears a second time on the Midnight Channel in her shadow persona, she is kidnapped.

Well, now, this should be interesting. Nobody who has accepted their shadow and gained a persona thus far has been a celebrity of the caliber of Kujikawa Rise – indeed, Yu Narukami is just about the blandest, least-flashy individual imaginable – meaning Rise not only has her shadow like everyone else, but that shadow exists in the real world as the fictional idol “Risette.” Worse still, she is the one everyone in the country knows and adores with all their heart. Not the real Rise.

Yu turns out to be the perfect guy to stand by Rise while the rest of the gang deals with the stalker: he met her before (in a hilarious scene where she first perceives him as a threatening stalker) but always lets her have the first and last say and move, to put her at ease. If I didn’t know better, I’d say Yu liked this chick, despite already being quite friendly with Miss Amagi (who again showed her weirder side this week). So yeah, this Rise has basically just released herself from her shadow’s real-life grip; only to be kidnapped and sent into the shadow world where she’ll presumably reconcile with it.

Rating: 3.5

Tamayura ~hitotose~ – 09

The first half of the episode is taken up by a typical night-in-the-life of Momoneko-sama, the resident fat fluffy pink cat Fu loves so much. His activities include saving a smaller girl cat from a bully, and driving away a boar from a garden. In the second half, we learn the result of the confession of the girl from the Road of Aspiration, Shimako. She was turned down, and is incredibly depressed. It falls to Riho, Hoboro, Fu, and the others to take care of her after a food bender and cheer her up.

We didn’t really need a cat-centric episode segment (especially a cat as badly-drawn as Momoneko; though there were better-drawn cats herein), but we got one anyway. I guess we can be grateful it didn’t take up a whole episode. We’re also grateful the second half not only involved actual humans, but a human with problems; namely, she was shot down. It was nice to have this half basically revolve around her, even though for much of it she’s unconscious. One thing’s for certain, this is a town full of nice, caring people who have no qualms about helping a girl in distress.

This week, Fu encounters someone else with pain, albeit not as deep as the pain from a lost loved one. Of course, in a way, Shimako did lose a friend. He always considered her a friend, but after her confession, she won’t go back, and deletes all his photos from her camera. Shimako’s friend Manami agrees to snap a picture of her, but not one of her wearing a false smile. Photos don’t just capture the surface expressions, but always reveal the truth of the emotions beneath them, as long as the right people are looking at them.

Rating: 3