Mirai Nikki – 06

On a three-day leave to take care of an orphan of the “Sacred Eye Incident” Yuki’s mother catches up with him. When they get home, Yuki learns that Yuno has broken in, cleaned his room and prepared dinner, knowning from her diary that she’d get to meet his mother, who approves of her. Yuki is weary, but Yuno’s diary tells her he will fall for her one day. When the orphan arrives, he turns out to be a diary holder, and makes an unsuccessful but innocent attempt on Yuno’s life.

As Murmur points out to Deus Ex, the game will only end when there is only one diary holder left. Because Deus Ex is on the verge of “decaying” (strange, since he’s a god), it’s probably best if someone rises to godhood to replace him. But if Yuno and Yuki are the last two standing, we doubt one would kill the other, leaving Murmur and Deus Ex in a bind. The solution would be to kill one of the two lovebirds, as this new orphan kid tries to do. We’ll be honest, we spent much of this episode wondering what the hell is wrong with Yuki and why he’s such a pathetic weenie. He was particularly insufferable this week, going so far as to call the best day ever the worst.

Yes, we know Yuno is touched in the head. But as long as Yuki cooperates with her, she won’t hurt him or anyone else. What the hell’s so horrible about getting with a cute-as-all-hell girl who’s totally devoted to you? Someone with a stronger will would take Yuno by the reins, but Yuki is voiced by Romi Park, so he’s about as far from a man as you can get before you’re a woman. All that said, it was pretty funny – and ludicrous – that a relatively tame domestic episode contained so much horror-film camerawork and close-ups. But Yuki’s panic is misplaced. Yuno is not the one he should be worried about. You’d think he’d learned that last week…

Rating: 3

Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam – 05

Fam and Giselle lead the assault to capture their first Ades warship under their contract with Captain Wisla. Due to proper intelligence and preparation, they manage to snatch a three-towered battleship from its docking by without spilling a drop of blood. Meanwhile, having talked with Fam about starting her kingdom anew, Princess Millia establishes a Government-in-Exile aboard the Sylvius, starting in the galley.

One reason we’re really liking the dynamic duo of Fam and Giselle, besides the fact they’re frikkin’ adorable, is that they depend on and complement one another. Fam is perhaps a once-in-a-generation flying talent and a charismatic figure, while Gisey is a genius with encyclopedia technical knowledge and intelligence. Yet neither can exploit their gifts without those of the other. They’re very much like Tatiana and Alester, or Claus and Lavie, before joining the Silverna. This week they showed their fair captain the fruits of that collaboration.

Was their first capture of an Ades ship too easy? Did everything go too smoothly? Perhaps, but we’ll give them a pass; the first should be the easiest, after all, with each progressive ship providing a unique and greater challenge. This week all they had to do is look and sound and act the way the Ades crew expected them to without rousing suspicion. And while Millia’s cosplay failed to move hearts, her desperate barricade of the galley combined with Wisla’s tolerance/pity, led to the modest re-establishment of Turan. ‘Cause hey, you gotta start somewhere.

Rating: 3.5