Working’!! – 07

Mahiru is warned by classmates of a molester on her route to work, but they insist she’ll be fine. It turns out to be Kirio Yamada, who resembles Aoi and is looking for his little sister. He can also block her punches. When Takanashi sees her talking comfortably with another guy, he becomes extremely emotionally distraught. After talking with his little sister, he confronts Mahiru, insisting he’s not a masochist and only likes little things.

We liked this episode. Thar be developments here! As in actual things happening to people that aren’t just limited to this one episode! For one thing, somebody we’re pretty sure is Aoi’s brother is looking for Aoi (Why else would he look exactly like her?). While his hesitating when saying his name is a little suspicious, I can’t buy Takanashi’s belief that Aoi made up the name Yamada. But that will be delved into further next week. The most important development this week was Inami finding the perfect guy.

He’s well-dressed, her age, worried about her missing sister (sorta), and most importantly, he can totally neutralize her punches, forcing her to, well, deal with him, and tolerate his closeness. But even that’s just because he knows karate. Otherwise, he’s just a normal guy…not the freaks at Wagnaria. As for Takanashi’s reaction: we don’t care what excuses he tells himself or everyone else: when he saw HIS girl with another guy, he got jealous – plain and simple.

Rating: 3.5

Sket Dance – 32

The first half is a period piece in which the Sket-dan are ninjas and Roman is a lord’s hostage. However, she breaks the fourth wall and jumps out of the moon, eliminating the need to storm the castle to rescue her. The second half is a sci-fi piece in which the sket-dan is the crew of a very slow spaceship. They pass the time by playing shiritori, but get in a space fender-bender with Tsubaki, a prince headed to his homeworld.

This week, Roman Saotome presents two more anime genre standbys to the Sket Dance repertoire. But this is Sket Dance, so both segments are rife with side commentary, screaming, and a lot of rule-breaking (there was even a nice little nod to Castle in the Sky, though the -dan shuts Roman up before she can say the magic words). The Sket-dan doesn’t so much bury themselves in their parts as simply carry on as they would in the real world, only in cosplay. In this, Sket Dance continues to perpetuate its chameleon-like identity.

Unless you’ve read the manga, there’s no telling what genre it will take on or what other work it will parody. We enjoy surprises, but even for Sket Dance, we felt these two segments were too-often off-topic and self-critique. Opportunities for a samurai duel – or a giant space battle – were missed, but perhaps that’s the point: no matter what environment they’re in, Bossun, Himeko and Switch aren’t giong to give up their normal, mundane existance.

Rating: 3