Guilty Crown – 03

Inori not only transfers to Shu’s class, but moves in with him as well, so that she can teach him about drawing out peoples’ voids. Everyone’s void takes a different form based on the “shape of their heart”. Gai instructs him to find a witness to their operations in Roppongi before the GHQ does. The witness Yahiro, a student at his school with a reputation for kindness and caring. In reality, he’s addicted to a drug called Norma Gene. When Shu confronts him, he wigs out, but after returning his void, they agree to keep each others’ secrets, rather than let Inori kill him. Yahiro then immediately rats Shu out to the GHQ, and Major Segai arrests him.

Last week was about helping The Little People. This episode was about cleaning up the mess, while Shu learned what voids were all about. We kinda knew as soon as Shu got home that he’d find Inori there. We also found out pretty darn fast that Yahiro was “Sugar” the witness. But that didn’t make the confrontation any less tense. Shu’s experimentation with classmates (including accidentally groping Kanon, his rep) and all the strange, random voids he drew out, provided some levity to the proceedings. But once he had his man, things got real stern and serious real fast.

Shu’s fatal mistake this week was believing in Yahiro’s nice guy persona, when he really didn’t know the whole picture. Meanwhile, Inori’s instinct to shoot him, while cold, was spot-on. There’s also a kind of ironic cruelty that Shu’s own mom, a researcher at Sephirah Genomics, is involved in the operations to wipe out Undertaker. The early foreshadowing about Major Segai’s success in investigation the Norma Gene industry was nicely connected to Yahiro’s addiction. Segai uses whatever methods are necessary to achieve his goals. We’d like to hate Yahiro for his sudden but inevitable betrayal, but it was certainly Segai pulling the strings behind him. And now Shu is seriously in the shit.

Rating: 3.5