Chihayafuru – 02

Wataya has a chance to show his peers what he’s made of in a class karuta tournament. Taichi resorts to lying, cheating, and stealing to keep Wataya down once they’re the last two players. Chihaya sits in on the game, replacing Wataya, and proceeds to figure out how the game is played and how a player’s senses should work. She beats Taichi, and the three eventually reconcile, united by their love of karuta

We’re still in flashback mode this week, and one thing’s for certain: Chihaya and Wataya have to contend with some awful people. Taichi is beyond embarassing, but his character is very realistic for his age group. Young boys will tend to tease an pick on girls they like, rather then, you know, be nice to them, while at the same time hating any other guy who looks at said girl. His helicopter mom is pretty grim too; her attitude towards his defeat helps garner some sympathy for the lil’ stinker. Still, the bastard’s lucky Chihaya has such a thick skin.

Meanwhile, when Chihaya calls home to announce she won the class tournament, her mother doesn’t even listen. It’s all about her older sister, the up-and-coming model. For her part, she dismisse’s Chihaya’s feat with two words. “Lame. Boring.” Harsh, just harsh. I have just one word for her: bitch. Even in the country that invented it, Karuta is not that popular, but it doesn’t seem like that will stop Chihaya, Wataya, or even Taichi from continuing to pursue it. On that note: when are we going to go back to the present?

Rating: 3.5