Mirai Nikki – 01

Amano Yukitaru obsessively records everything he observes into a cell phone diary, while interacting with the rest of the world as little as possible. He then escapes into his imagination, where the god of time and space, Deus, grants him the future in the form of predetermined diary entries that foretell the future. When he reaches a “dead end”, he learns there are others with “future diaries” like him, including his classmate Gasai – and that the goal of Deus’ game is to kill all the other diary holders, in order to gain his throne.

A six-minute sneak peak of this show way back in December was enough to intrigue us. So, Future Diary is basically Death Note. When you have a future diary, your only threats are those with the same power as you. In Amano’s case, these seem to be people who aren’t just content to survive using their diaries as Life Cliff Notes; they want to become gods. Only one can, so there’s gonna be death. Of course, Death Note had a lot more setup, and it was a while before Light was aware of other death notes in existence; the pace of key revelations is much quicker here.

This episode purposefully got most of the technical stuff out of the way, set the stakes, and introduced the main players. Basically, Amano needs to Gorilla Glue his phone somewhere on his body, because it’s his life now. He’s been sought out by Gasai, who works with him to off a serial killer, but considering how creepy she acts around him and the fact she’s a rival, trusting her isn’t the best idea. I wonder how long their uneasy alliance will last. Shows that mess around with time in a clever and compelling way are always welcome. Here’s hoping this is one of them.

Rating: 3.5

Fall 2011 Schedule and Order of Precedence

It’s a big season, as is typical of Falls, but we think we’ve nailed down a good weekly schedule that’s predictably heavy on weekend series. Not much happening the first three days of the week, but then BAM – thirteen packed in the next four. The shows are ordered in terms of precedence: the series we’ll review first that day are at the top, last; at the bottom.

If Last Exile, Mirai Nikki, Un-Go, and Guilty Crown (the four series we’ve yet to see) underperform, they’ll be lowered in precedence, or dropped altogeher. We’ll tweak this once we’ve watched everything. Early pickups: Persona 4 and Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. Early Drop: .

Update: We’re unsure exactly when the next episode of Tamayura ~hitotose~ will be available to review, so we’ve removed it until we have a clearer idea.