Ikoku Meiro no Croisée 10

Claude is off to Dijon to meet with an important client about new metalwork. Claude has to study his late father’s work, and it brings back memories of his childhood when his father was still alive and business was booming. He’s conflicted about keeping the business running by simply copying what his father did. Meanwhile, Oscar keeps Yune and Alice entertained with a projector and phenakistoscope found while Yune was cleaning the storeroom.

My favorite scene this week was when Yune remembered what Claude told her about the metalworks shop: His father and grandfather worked to make every metalwork sign in the entire Gallery, so their skill is on display everywhere, with signs fulfilling the dual purpose of advertising for the shop it hangs over as well as advertising for the one who made the sign. It’s as impressive as it is sad; the best days seem to be behind both the Gallery and the metal shop.

Claude’s father was a genius with metal, but Claude also remembers him being cold and stern. This new job in Dijon is the latest challenge – can he outdo his departed dad? Oscar has never pushed him to keep the business going. The question is, is he keeping the fires of the forge burning for his father, or for himself? Not much to say about the B story involving Yune, Alice, Oscar, and eventually the whole gallery; it was pleasant enough. People were certainly easily entertained back then!

Rating: 3

One thought on “Ikoku Meiro no Croisée 10”

  1. His father certainly was cold. I don’t think he said a single thing, instead he scowled and grabbed things out of his hands. Maybe last week we heard Jean shout, give me some coal!

    Personally I think Claude does want to keep the place going for more than his memories. He seems to take his work very seriously (as his father did before him), but he did seem happy, in episodes past, when he made an important sale. I’m guessing he doesn’t quite believe in his own abilities. And it must be tough to compare yourself to someone with incredible talent.

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