The World God Only Knows II 8

Since there are only three official “conquests” shown in the opening sequence, I knew this second season would go one of two routes: longer arcs, or buffer episodes. I watch this series to see Keima scheme and conquer women’s hearts using his knowledge of dating sims. So any time an episode fails to deliver that, I fear I’ll be disappointed.

Mind you, this could have been worse; Elcie is actually quite a bit more tolerable browsing through a game store than she is cooking or baking, which was the low point of last season. And Haqua is similarly tolerable with her not-so-modest modesty and strained excuse to show back up (shouldn’t she have given a report weeks ago?) So tolerable, but just. Mostly, it just made me wish there were more than three girls to conquer this season. Rating: 2.5

2 thoughts on “The World God Only Knows II 8”

  1. On the contrary, it showed a side of Haqua that we might never have seen if they didn’t air this episode. So in a sense, we are in a conoquest arc. Only, it’s Haqua that’s keen to conquer Keima. It’s obvious she wants to get closer to him.

  2. I dunno…I already got the vibe that Haqua liked Keima from her previous episode. This episode just seemed like a rehash of that. But the idea of Keima harboring a loose soul himself that Haqua must out is a good one.

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