Sket Dance 6

Sket Dance continues to be silly and slapsticky without getting too obvious or boring or idiotic. This week, in which the Student Council confronts Sket-dan and threatens its existence, was a very richly-told and thoughtful episode. Tsubaki and the other council members aren’t simply evil; their personalities are more complex. I particularly like how the president is so laid-back and pragmatic, indulging his subordinate so that he’d learn a lesson.

Tsubaki is not a very flexible guy, but he definitely develops a bit in the course of the episode. As for the Sket-dan core, they’re as spot-on as ever, with their usual excellent chemistry and immediate retorts, and the play premise was a great way to bring in all the misfit characters they had helped in usual episodes – the samurai, the occult girl, and the cliche’d manga girl. It’s good to see the show hadn’t just forgot about these characters.

Even Momoka and her gang are conscripted, and the performance the group puts on ultimately follows the story of Momoka’s character’s development just a couple episodes ago. It’s clever, and as I said, well-executed. Above all, it’s entertaining. Rating: 3.5