Ao no Exorcist 3

Major change of scenery this week as Rin experiences True Cross Academy and the surrounding city; a fantastical metropolis of incredibly steep hills and terraced streets.He’s in awe of the scale of his school and how finely furnished it is. The city itself is a feast for the eyes, and I hope they use it to its full potential as the series progresses. But Rin doesn’t just learn about his new school and new home; he also learns a few things he didn’t know about his brother, Yukio.

First, what he did know: Yukio was always bullied as a little kid, and Rin would always encourage him, sure that one day his bro would fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor. I assume this is so he can help and protect people. Right, so when Rin sits down in Exorcism cram school and finds Yukio standing where the teacher should stand, he’s extremely confused, and a little hurt when Yukio says he’s been studying exorcism since he was seven. Rin thought Yukio knew nothing of all this demon and exorcism stuff.

When he confronts him (again with the yelling), forcing him to clear the class and talk, Yukio reveals his belief that Rin caused father’s death. It certainly would look that way from how he saw it; he believes the only thing that would let satan possess their dad was Rin, who is the spawn of satan. But after Rin saves Yukio’s life from a huge goblin, Rin dismisses his claim that he’s doing this for revenge. He wants to protect people and get stronger. They both do. And I suspect they both shall. Rating: 3.5