Deadman Wonderland 3

What I’ve found striking about this series is that it stars a pint-size punk kid with goofy hair and a generic punk kid voice and angsty tendencies, but by God, if anyone has a right to angst and cry, it’s this kid. And when he does scream, at least it isn’t as annoying as Rin from Ao no Exorcist. If we were in Ganta’s situation, we’d probably have to fight pretty hard to keep our sanity, let alone our poise. This week he re-meets his nemesis, who he calls “Red Man”, to which I say, what’s his beef with Wu-Tang Clan?

Seriously though, the evil dude who killed his class is known as the Wretched Egg, and Promotor Tamaki keeps him in G-Block, a block no one knows about, including Captain Makina – except for Tamaki himself…and Shiro. After another brush with Eggman in which more people are killed and maimed, Ganta wants to go to this G-block to teach him a lesson. And suddenly we have a mini Scooby Gang in place: Ganta, Shiro, and Yoh. We also know Ganta (and Egg’s) power is called “Branches of Sin”. They worked together to get here, and are concerned with one another’s safety.

To his credit, Wretched Egg just smirks a lot and says “slice”, but beyond that insanity, he made the conscious choice to inject (infect?) Ganta with his power. Why’d he do that? Why Ganta specifically? Did he simply meet the biological conditions? And did Tamaki sic Egg on Ganta, meaning is Egg in his employ, or is Egg working outside any authority?
And, oh yeah, is Yoh simply being friendly to Ganta because he’s being paid to? When the robot thingy scans Shiro, she has no number or information. We still have no idea what she is, or why she resembles Mimi. Lotsa questions, which is good. Rating: 4