Sket Dance 4

Maybe I just wasn’t being all that observant in earlier episodes, but this week’s Sket Dance seemed to break the fourth wall a whole lot more than the previous three combined. It’s not necessarily a bad thing; pointing out cliches at least shows an awareness of those cliches, and attempting to subvert otherwise stale tropes by basically talking directly to the audience is hard to pull off convincingly, but here it works.

The first part made good use of the fourth wall by introducing an old school anime girl who often slips into a kind of drunk-glasses mode where she sees Bossun as a charming prince, and a lollipop-branded towel as a puppy. Seriously, if I was this person, I wouldn’t go out at night; a rapist or murderer might look like a banana parfait and ladybug. It’s also cheeky that Bossun is a much better draftsman than a member of the manga club, and furthermore he’s the one who ultimately realizes he’s the guy she’s looking for, just by hanging out with her enough.

The second part is a lollipop caper, involvoing the baddie from the first episode. I don’t really remember him, but he was more memorable here, exhibiting more depth and range of emotions. As it turns out, he also happened to be wrongly accused of theft by Sket-dan, and he was just lucky that day because his horoscope said he would be. No matter; no matter how silly and absurd Sket-dan’s missions get, they always get their clients results in the end. They also keep you guessing, and keep you entertained with rapid-fire banter and excellent chemistry. All without resorting to fanservice or harems. Not a bad deal so far. Rating: 3.5