AnoHana 2

Jintan actually made much quicker progress than I’d predicted this week, as he re-connects not only with the ebullient Poppo, but Anaru as well. It was a rough go at first, but when Tsuruko basically called her identity into question, it would seem she laid off Jintan a little, even inviting him and Poppo to her home to play, ahem…”Mokemon”. In the end, it would seem she hasn’t changed from who she was.

Tsuruko is harsh, but while she comes off like a bitch, I don’t think she meant to be intentonally malevolent. This seems more like disappointment that Anaru hasn’t moved on from being “easily led along”, stemming from her jealosy of Menma’s closeness to Jintan. It was clear that she still likes Jintan from last week, but its not easy for her to express it, especially now that she’s become one of the “it” girls. The transformation in her interactions with Jintan from start to finish is truly fun to watch.

I’m thinking more and more that everyone feels a certain amount of nostalgia regarding Menma, who apparently drowned (shoe in water). Yukiatsu even seems to have her dress (not sure how that happened, a very odd twist for Mr. Perfect). Since Jintan is the only one who can see and hear her, it’s all been his doing. Anaru’s hope that he’ll come to school indicates that Jintan is on his way to forgiving himself and living his life, while reuniting his old gang. But the two preppies should prove tough eggs to crack. Rating: 4