Sket Dance 3

It’s taken three eps, but I’ve finally warmed up to Sket Dance, and am fairly confident that, time allowing, it will continue to be reviewed here at RABUJOI. It has a cheekiness, spunk, and energy all its own this season, full of rapid-fire quips, silly situations, and above all, excellent rapport amongst the core members of Sket Dance: the effervescent leader Bossun, witty tech wiz Switch, and the strong yet gorgeous Himeko (Onihime) with her trusty hockey stick.

Their chemistry and devotion to one another elevates this above your usual high school comedies. That’s not to say this series is perfect, but it’s definitely better than it started. I didn’t care about the boring kid who took up most of the first week. But now that the series has continued without them (and the opening and ending sequences make it clear there are only three Sket-dan members), we have been freed from that awful male lead. He a red herring all along, and we were fooled.

I’d rather the show not focus on only one person, but on these three. This was definitely a Himeko episode, which showed that even at moments when she is weak and defenseless, her friends will stop at nothing to aid her. Strength is also more than the ability to wail on people. It can be manifested in accepting help from others – or choosing to not wail on people. The latter led to her enemies becoming friends, when bitterness ends. Sket Dance is her church. It is where she heals her hurts. Rating: 3.5

P.S.: Nice Bankai reference.