Ao no Exorcist – First Impressions

While his overachieving twin brother can seemingly do no wrong, try as he might, Rin can’t seem to do anything right. He cannot attend academy due to academic/financial shortcomings, can’t seem to hold down even a meager part-time job, and is always getting in fights. Rin is a reluctant delinquent. But we also learn that there’s a reason for this: he’s literally devil-spawn.

I’m not sure what the full ramifications are, but by episode’s end, Rin is fully attuned to the demonic oddities that spring up in ordinary life invisible to everyone else – except his father and his followers, who are “exorcists”, who gain strength from their faith and release unwitting (or witting) humans from the grasp of demons. Rin is himself demon-like, emitting a blue glow. Yet this series’ title indicates that despite not being human, he will become an exorcist like his father, straddling two worlds while staying on the good side.

I like what i see so far in this, perhaps the series I most anticipated after seeing (untranslated) commercials. It’s more down-to-earth and less cartoonish than Soul Eater, and I’m hoping it will be an entertaining supernatural action/comedy/drama series. The animation and score are both above average, and so far Rin is a likable if down-on-his-luck character. His dad’s a little annoying, but when he springs into action he’s pretty cool. The ending sequence was very slick, too. Rating: 3.5