Bakuman 23

After the fruitless-yet-fruitful mangaka meeting, everyone improved their stories and art and submitted manuscripts for the “Golden Future Cup” on schedule. Even Koogy got his manga finished, despite waiting until the last minute to belt one out after an exhaustive PR campaign.

If this cup is all about votes, he may not have even had to put that much effort into his entry; at the end of the day, he has legions of loyal fans, and name recognition that many are eager to latch on to. His wry grin at the episode’s end suggests that he did well with both early and real deal results.

The thing is, so did everyone else. The results somewhat mirrored Niizuma’s prediction of a two-way tie for first, but otherwise, everyone was asked to write a serialization name. This looks to be a fierce battle. And the show does a great service in showing a taste of everyone’s manga up close; Koogy’s overwrought, pretentious, dialogue-less effort was particularly funny. Rating: 3.5