Level E 9

So the big cliffhanger, which I thought was just a joke or misunderstanding (won’t get fooled again…though I will), is that Princess Saki’s human suitor isn’t a man at all. This was surprising, because despite her whelpish voice, she looks pretty masculine, and so far the character has been pretty clear-cut between how the genders are drawn.

Level E has pretty much the same character design as Bantorra, which I listed as my favorite series of last year. It wasn’t my favorite because of the character design. Most costumes just looked overwrought and silly, while their figures were dolllike and their gazes glassy and cold. That’s okay, because with both shows, the shortcomings of the design and animation are completely overshadowed by their merits.

With Level E, those merits include an uncanny ability to mislead, fool, and entertain with charmingly bizarre stories and effective comedy. An anime about an alien maiden who will wipe out the human race if she mates with one needn’t be overdramatic and serious; in fact it’s better of not being so. Yet, far from being innocent and oblivious of the effects of their reproduction, the Macbac actually takes a great deal of pleasure in watching the races die out. Being in love is like sinking your teeth into your prey, and such.

Considering the Macbacs’ sinister motivations, I’m 100% behind Craft foiling their plans, even if it means stooping to the Prince’s convoluted, illegal scheme of cloning Mikihisa to trick the Macbac. After all, we’re talking about the preservation of humanity here. Makes you grateful not all aliens want to wipe us out, and have the power to prevent others from doing so. Rating: 3.5