To Aru Majutsu no Index II 21

Okay, so let’s sort all this madness out: Crowley is bad, because he’s hurting Kazakiri; Vento is bad because she’s trying to kill Touma, and Kihara’s bad because she’s trying to use Last Order and kill Accelerator. Touma finally hooks up with both Index and Misaka to try to sift through all the chaos these bad guys are causing.

It’s here where it isn’t really and issue whose “side” you’re on; magical or scientific. Touma has friends on both sides, and there are good people on both sides. He’s not interested in either side dominating the other; he just doesn’t want people messing with his friends. And a lot of people are messing with his friends…and his city.

Accelerator is doing things his own way, taking out a board director to find out what the seedy underbelly of Academy City has planned for the church invaders. He also seems to be having quite a lot of fun killing people in the process. And punching a building, moving it several blocks, and smashing it into another? Nice trick! Rating: 3.5