Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season 8

For some reason, parts of this episode felt like a recap, but despite this, or rather because of the revisiting of encounters Sadako (sorry, Sawako) has had regarding her relationship (or lack thereof), she seems to finally turn a corner. By episode’s end (a cliffhanger, dammit), it seems she may end up the one to reach out to Kazehaya, not the other way round.

The episode is titled “I don’t care anymore”, which is what Sadako proclaims after school – somewhat confusing her friends – but also signaling something may have finally clicked that will end this excruciating situation for her and Kazehaya. She isn’t going to worry about being selfish or embarrassed or making the wrong impression or causing a misunderstanding.

She knows what she wants, and always has, and the only way to get it is to move beyond all that. Here’s hoping she does…it’s about frikkin’ time. Rating: 3.5

Durarara!! 25

Since I don’t really pay attention to anime much once their runs have ended, this bonus episode caught me by surprise. But it was a welcome surprise: it was nice to see practically the whole gang back one more time.

This episode was twenty-four minutes of pleasant, self-contained slice-of-life, and really did what the rest of the series did best: create a bustling, alive, and vibrant Ikebukuro I want to be a part of. Hell, I made sure when I visited Tokyo to stop by Ikebukuro. I couldn’t find any Russian sushi, but it was still fun. Rating: 3.5